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Bustline have been offering excellent value for money in the breast enhancement market for over 10 years now. Our product range includes chicken fillets, various size and shape breast prosthetics as well as medical grade breastform adhesives.
Be one of the customers that have seen and worn our superior breast enhancers,that have a realistic look, and and feel. Our breast forms have been developed to ensure a realistic texture & weight without compromising on quality.

Bustline Breastforms

All our false breast product range warm quickly to the body for a more natural feel. Our full range of breast enhancers are designed to last for years if cared for correctly (simply rinse after use with warm water, dry and dust lightly with talc).

All Bustline breast enhancer UK products & medical grade Hollister adhesive are posted in plain packaging for a discreet service - posted by Royal Mail same day of order Monday - Saturday if ordered before mid-day (exc bank holidays)*

We never use indiscreet sales techniques or pass your details onto any third parties, in fact the only e-mails you would ever receive from us would be to inform you about your delivery of your new breast forms.

Bustline provides breast forms to mastectomy patients through recommendations from NHS professionals and private clinics. Our breast prosthesis are made from a unique rubber / silicone blend designed to weigh and feel as close to skin texture as possible. Our Breast forms are flesh coloured with the nipples being a different shade to offer a realistic look.

Over the years we have broadened our customer base and now sell in large numbers to the cross dressing / transvestite / transgender community. We have a sizing guide for use by men and women alike with little to no breast tissue.
Our breast forms can also be seen in many West end productions as well as pantomime up and down the country. They are great for fancy dress parties and certainly give the wow factor.

Due to the situation with PIP implants, we have recently had an influx of enquiries following impending explant surgery.
Thousands of ladies across Europe are facing the decision - remove silicone breast implants through explant surgery, or live with the thought that the implants that were fitted are made from non medical grade silicone and can cause serious health complications in later life.

Although it is of no conciliation for what PIP has put you through, our range of breast enhancers and breast forms can offer a safer, cheaper alternative to a fuller bust.

All our products can be trimmed to shape unlike other silicone breast forms on the market. This is especially useful for women with breast scar tissue or asymmetric breasts. If you are in any doubt over what type of enhancer will suite your needs, feel free to contact us using our contact us page.

Although our breast prosthetics can be worn with just a bra or tight fitting clothing, if you want to go bra-less and feel that little bit sexier, why not try fitting our breast enhancers with this amazing medical grade Hollister Adhesive.