Breastform Testimonials

Hello Bustline Team

I don't normally write this type of thing but i just had to tell you what a difference your enhancers have made to my life. I had a mastectomy 3 years ago and my confidence was at an all time low. I came across your site accidentally but I am so pleased that I did!!

Up to now I had been wearing cloth covered forms which look just like bean bags. The enhancers I bought from you are perfect in size shape and weight. I now wear t shirts for the first time in 3 years and my confidence has increased so much that I have even started going to the Gym (wearing my enhancers of course) Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Best regards, Jane

Dear Gemma

I would just like to thank you for the prompt response in the delivery of my new BLT1 Breast Enhancers and adhesive. I made an order on the 23rd Janurary and the delivery of them turned up on the 25th Janurary to my delight. I was so pleased that they had arrived and couldn't wait to try them out. I am a Transvestite and have been putting up with chicken fillets for some time and it was just not giving me the effect or look i wanted. I was doing some research and your breast enhancers were so appealing that I had to purchase them.

Opening the package was so exciting that once i got the enhancers i tried them out and i was absolutely over the moon with the feel, the look, and effect that they give. Only now that this has given me a boost of confidence and the abilty to feel comfortable with such a good product. This was exactly what i have been missing out on after all these times.

I look forward to wearing the enhancers with confidence and style as they feel so realistic and feel incredible as the natrual look is out of this world. The weight of them is perfect and gives me an idea of how you women survive with the real thing! Its just such a good feeling as they are in a good bra as they feel a part of me as i walk with my head up high and my new boobs up and out!

The cost of the enhancers are very reasonable and good value for money. The discrete service was excellent too...


big kisses

I went to the Birdcage the other night wearing my new breast enhancers and had lots of comments. I recommended them to anyone who would listen. Hope I get a discount next time as I guess your sales will go through the roof. xxx


Just wanted to let you know that you have changed my life!!! My breasts look like Spaniels ears after breast feeding three children. The enancers have given me back my confidence. I am a different (happier) person. Jan


My new boobs arrived today. What fantastic service thank you sooooooooooooo much X

WOW! WOW !WOW! What can I say? I should have had a pair of these YEARS ago. All the best , Gill

Dear Bustline

Thank you for your very fast and discrete delivery. I am thrilled with my enhancers, they are just as good as you said they would be. Thank you for all your help in answering my questions. Kind Regards . Suzy


I took delivery of the Bustline Enhancers last week. I have worn them every single day since. Everyone I know thinks that I look amazing. I have even worn the type of dress that I thought I would never be able to wear. Great. Kelly (Karl)


I had to mail you to let you know that the breast prosthetics I bought from you are perfect. Since my mastectomy I thought that I would never wear fashionable clothing again but these are so comfortable I hardly know that I am wearing them and I can wear clingy tops again too.

My husband says that they bounce so I have been jumping up and down in front of the mirror, and guess what - they really do!

Best Wishes, Mary


Thanks for the speedy delivery. I am so pleased with the lovely breast enhancers, all my friends want some. I am tempted to keep it a secret so that they won't look as good as me (only joking :-) Take care Anna

I had a pair of chicken fillets from you a while ago. Now I plucked up the courage to go bigger. These ones are so good that when I get used to having proper boobs I am going to buy a pair of even bigger ones. Bev X


I am going to send you a picture of me on holiday. I won a beauty contest when I was wearing my chicken fillets. The Judges didn't ask and so I didn't tell 'em. Everyone thought it was all my own. Money well spent. Cheers Katie X